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Educational and neurological experts now agree that the first five years lay the groundwork for children’s emotional, social, language, cognitive, and physical development—all critical elements for school readiness and life success. Our schools address these elements to give your child a huge advantage as they start their school career.

The term “preschool” has been mistakenly defined as simply ‘daycare’ for 4-5 year-olds.  Origins is a true Kindergarten Readiness program.  We realize that no two children are alike and their learning styles and needs are as individual as they are.  We blend a rich mixture of proven early-learning philosophies with our sustainability based eco-literacy foundation that together, create a completely unique and tailor-made curriculum for your child’s specific needs.

We offer two different age and skill-based classes for both beginning and advanced levels, allowing us to find the best fit for your budding student. We give the perfect mix of comfort and challenge for their unique personality by taking into account both their social and academic needs.


Note: In order to be enrolled in the Jr. or Sr. Preschool children must be fully potty-trained and wearing underwear, not pull-ups. Pull-ups may only be used at nap if needed.

Children coming into kindergarten from Origins will have many of the K-1st grade skills mastered and be better prepared, more focused and alert, and have a high level of confidence in themselves and in their ability to learn. But don’t think this means all work and no play! Origins teaches so that children learn IN play. We cherish the mental curiosity and imagination that is innate in every child and we provide a culture that supports and fosters creativity and imagination. Origins students will spend lots quality time playing, thinking, building, singing, painting, digging, laughing, learning and growing. We utilize a place-based and play-based curriculum to instill a joy and wonder of our natural world.