Historically, traditional early childhood programs have been geared towards the employment-focused academic skill set of public schools at the expense of a kind of education which helps children make sense of their own immediate worlds.  A healthy and sustainable early childhood curriculum should afford time for children to acquire important foundational skills – thinking skills, skills in human relationships, and rich communication skills. 

Our goal is to nurture a sense of caring for the Earth and all its inhabitants and to support choices and decisions grounded in an Earth and human-centered ethic that does not exploit or exclude.

We prioritize eco-literacy that is facilitated by:

  • The opportunity to participate in varied learning experiences integrating many knowledge areas.

  • The opportunity for unstructured time – time “to be” and to contemplate, in a natural setting.

  • The opportunity to observe changes in an environment over time.

  • The opportunity to play a valued part in real life activities (e.g. gardening, cooking, building, caring for animals, producing art).

  • The opportunity to develop collaborative, investigative and critical thinking skills.

  • Exposure to multiple languages (currently we have teachers fluent in French, Spanish and American Sign Language as well as conversational Japanese.)

  • Encouragement of a sense of wonder about the natural world.

It is this combination of our high quality kindergarten-readiness, combined with our eco-conscious approach that makes Origins Preschool truly unique.

We created Origins to provide warm and beautiful environment for growth, organic food with a focus on quality nutrition, nature-based eco-literacy, mindfulness, small class sizes, excellent teachers and a top-notch curriculum.

With these principles in mind, we are embarking a new paradigm of early childhood education..  to not only give children a basic academic foundation for entering grade school, but to support the philosophies and ideals that will create a generation of emotionally healthy people who value the wise use of resources, cultural diversity, gender equality and a sense of democracy.