Our Early Learners class is the perfect introduction to preschool!


As parents of two and three year-olds know, this is a very unique age that can be as challenging as it is rewarding. This is a time that is filled with huge leaps in cognitive growth. Origins’ Early Learners Preschool Class gives the highest quality early learning environment and best possible care available to young ones prior to entering Origins Preschool. We combine our unique and successful place-based, play-based, social/emotional curriculum with a strong music and arts component that blends seamlessly into our top-notch program for ages 4 and up.


How humans develop and learn depends critically on the interplay between nutrition, surroundings, care, stimulation, and teaching. Warm and responsive early care helps young children thrive and plays a vital role in healthy development. We specialize in helping to foster a solid emotional and social growth by utilizing every day experiences to help teach empathy and an understanding of emotions.


•Note: In order to be enrolled in Early Learners, children must be actively potty training and in pull-ups, not diapers.

We serve organic and local foods, we have a wonderful space with many varying options for learning & playing and tons of great toys for visual and small motor development. Your child will have plenty of hands-on stimuli and exposure to educational components like shapes, colors, numbers, letters and phonics with a rich exposure to art and music as well as an introduction to the French language. Our comprehensive curriculum hits all learning domains: Social/Emotional, Physical Health & Development, Creative Expression, Science & Math and Language and Emerging Literacy. We garden, we play, we sing, we dance in Origins’ Early Learners class!