Current Openings

Updated as of 12/26/2018

We are excited to announce the opening of another location which will give us a few openings in each class as we separate our ages a little more! Please see the classes below.

*Waiting lists timelines are determined by when children age out into another class and/or graduate to kindergarten. There are circumstances that may arise that would cause the time to be shorter, (ie someone leaving unexpectedly). We highly recommend joining the waiting list sooner than later to decrease the waiting time. We generally do not have openings mid-school year unless someone leaves unexpectedly. If the class is full, normally openings happen between June and the end of August.

Infant Class (0-12 months):

This class is full until Summer 2019.

We have limited drop in care available on Fridays in this class. Please email for details.

Toddler Class (12-24 months): (child turns 1 by Sept 10 of current school year)

This class is full until summer 2019

Early Learners Class (2-3 years old): (child turns 2 by Sept 10 of current school year)

We have 2 part time (2 day per week) openings: Monday/Friday and a Thursday/Friday.

Junior Preschool (3-4 years old): (child turns 3 by Sept 10 of current school year)

We will have 2 part time openings: (3 days per week - Monday/Tuesday/Thursday) and (2 days per week - Monday/Tuesday) starting January 2019.

We also have limited drop-in care available on Mondays for this class. Please email for details.

Senior Preschool (4-5 years old): (child turns 4 by Sept 10 of current school year)

We will have 2 full time openings and 1 part time: (2 days per week - Tuesday/Wednesday) starting in January 2019.

Waiting List Policy

To join the waiting list: please email to request an invoice. There is a non-refundable $125 deposit is required to hold a spot on the waiting list. The deposit will transfer to cover the registration fee once a space is available. Once any days are available to you, we will let you know and you will be able to take the spot/s or pass to the family below you on the waiting list. If you choose to pass you will still retain your position in place and can wait until the next opening.