Substitute teacher: all classes

Have a job but want some extra hours?

Origins Education is seeking substitute teachers!

Moms, college students, people who love kids! Make some extra money on your terms, accept the shifts you want and turn down the ones you don’t.

Play with beautiful babies, do yoga with three-year-olds, garden with preschoolers... if you care about the environment, are passionate about health and wellness, and love children.. email resume and availability to director@originspreschool.org

All Sub Positions Require:

• current infant & child first aid and cpr

• current immunizations

• licensing training

Full Time INFANT LEAD Teacher

Job Description

Shifts 8:00AM - Ratio (between 4-5pm)

We are seeking an EXPERIENCED individual for the infant teacher position in a STARS rated facility! Must have a minimum 2 years of experience in child-care in a licensed facility. Preference given to those with previous STARS training.

We look for creative, fun people who have a passion for little ones, care for the environment and are serious about their childcare career.. Looking for those who have significant experience with the 0-2 age range and are great with creating beautiful indoor environments, arts & crafts, story-time, circle time, songs, games and who love to be outside!

Training to begin immediately after hiring!

Training usually lasts 1 week for those current or previously state-licensed teachers and 2 weeks for unlicensed applicants.

Training wage will go up to base pay (up to $12 p/hr starting wage DOE) as soon as all licensing paperwork goes through, which is usually a few weeks. If you have lived outside MT in the past 5 years you will need a federal background check and that takes a bit longer.

We offer benefits for full-time employees including paid vacation, paid holiday bonuses and quarterly cash bonuses.

We give raises at 30, 90, 180 days based on performance, then yearly. Quality performance including working all scheduled shifts, being on time, turning in required paperwork and attending training's on time etc will be part of raise considerations.

Must have or obtain (at your cost) infant & child first aid/CPR (financial help options available). You will also need proof of current MMR and tetanus immunizations (within the last 10 years).


• non smoker

• on practitioners registry


• Must have up to date immunizations

• Must have or obtain current First Aid/CPR

• All applicants must pass criminal background check prior to hiring as part of the licensing process.

• Successful applicants must take all required classes related to STARS certifications

• In order to be considered you must email resume, cover letter and at least 2 letters of reference!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $10.25 to $12.00 /hour to start with opportunity for higher wages and advancement